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Was born 29 May 1966 in wake; arise-Koshelevo. Learned; learnt in secondary school 1. In 1983 has entered in Bobruyskoe HGPTU 15. In year has got the profession finishing furniture. With 1984 on 1986 gg served in armies. In 1986, after service in armies has entered in Belorussian State theatrical-artistic institute (now BGAI) on faculty of the industrial design. Since 1991 on 1994 worked the teacher a drawing, painting and compositions in artistic school. Since 1994 leading artist- constructor in JV "Amipak"-OAO. All are this time concern with painting.


2011. Personal exhibition. The city of Buda-Koshelevo. Picture Gallery. HER. Moiseenko.
2017 year. Personal exhibition. The city of Gomel. Library them. Herzen, the museum of autograph.

Artist's works:
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