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Tatiana Chepkasova
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Sale rules:
The cost of delivery depends on the size of the picture and the location of the recipient. Payment: Paypal, Sberbank card, Western Union. Sending the picture within 3-4 days after receipt of payment. Delivery by Mail of Russia or self-delivery (Moscow).

Artist's works

She was born in 1973 in the city of Chaikovsky in the Perm Region. In the 1990s she worked in the workshop on the Urals painting at the plant of precision engineering. Has acquired a specialty "Restorer building" in the local school.
In the mid-2000s she moved to Moscow. Here she received a higher economic education in MESI, but the desire for creative activity led me to the MGAHI them. VI Surikova, where, on the basis of the training, I was awarded a Diploma of Professional Retraining under the "Painting" program.
In 2017, she joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.


Artist's works:
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